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霊幻新隆, Reigen Arataka
Player Information
Player Name Boxy Contact [ profile] kerbox | ChloeRozo#4345
AKA aka Link, hella ECATs past
Character Basics
Character Name Reigen Arataka Series/Canon Mob Psycho 100
AU/PG/Canon Point Current comic: End of Alien Arc Game(s) [community profile] quietmounds
Canon Details A very small, very real psychic asks a fraud psychic to be his mentor in having scary powers in a scary world. While using the boy's abilities to his benefit, the fraud ends up a legitimate mentor who cares for the boy and advises him through adolescence. Though Reigen is an isolated, nihilistic con artist, caring for such an awkward but earnest little boy inspires him to be a better person. He works hard to solve all of his clients' problems, through lies or Mob's powers, and tries to keep wacky anime hijinks from interfering with Mob's right to live a simple, slice-of-life childhood.
Character Details
Age 28 Hair/Eyes Strawberry blond, brown eyes
Height/Weight 179 cm(5'10"), 150 lb Notable Traits Japanese/Caucasian mixed, talks with excited hand gestures
15 Second Summary Reigen is an exceptional bullshit artist with an impressive capacity for charisma, cold-reading, quick thinking, and keeping a straight face. Though he's a confidence man, he appears to genuinely care about solving his clients' problems, and works for reasonable small-time exchanges - sometimes even for barter or for free. In many ways, Reigen is the human avatar for the millennial gig economy. He's both hyper and deadpan, overqualified in 20 subjects, and quit a reasonable job to effectively live the fantasy of being an off-the-grid criminal who tries to make a direct impact in people's lives in a "special" way. He's well versed in not giving a single fuck, and giving every single fuck at once. Although he's got his problems, his priorities are with protecting his resident superpowered 14 year olds. Reigen would personally arrest every single adult in Naruto. "Protect Anime Children You Fuckos, I Barely Have Half My Shit Together And I Know Not To Make A 14 Year Old Fight Club, You Fuckos" -- Reigen Arataka
Quiet Mounds
Living base apartment Working LuXe
There Since A few weeks Starter Pack The Homemaker -- a packet of bread mix, a set of very sharp knives some of which are probably not for home use, an apron, a hand vacuum
Clothing Business casual.
Abilities & Permissions
Abilities Proficient in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office. Exceptional liar. Green Belt. Overqualified (tm)
Permissions Let me know if he's ever too Insightful for your taste!
Sensing Reigen has no powers. NOTHING. You can sense ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from him. This may or may not be kind of WEIRD, since usually there's SOMETHING to every human?
code from [personal profile] twicebonded
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Shimada, can we talk in your dressing room?
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**Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century. Google Him**
Name Arataka Reigen (proficient_in_photoshop, Mob Psycho 100)
Rank Pawn
LIVING He has a stand in the courtyard for psychic consultation

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES He's a fairly attractive man in a well-fitting suit. He's a smooth talker, and he gestures emphatically with his hands when he talks. Holds himself like he owns the place. Smoker.
☆ Solving someone's problem
☆ Lying

★ Genuine honesty
★ Protecting someone
★ Being In Way Over His Head
★ Fake It Til You Make It
★ Supernatural ability used on him
★ Massage therapy
★ Being an Adult™
★ Anything that could be used for a scandal (photos, video, etc)

Reigen can see ghosts, but that's the extent of his abilities. He has no spiritual power.

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original


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Arataka Reigen

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